Our signature and devotedly popular Barre class, Barre Flex, is a high caliber dancer inspired conditioning muscle sizzle with an adrenaline twist but designed for us 'regular non-dancer folk'. A muscle focused Barre class drenched in fitness moves and top 40 songs, this class is great for sculpting, conditioning and upbeat for a cardio kick! We incorporate small hand weights and often a pilates ball for a total body blast. This is an all levels class, no dance or ballet experience is required. Expect a very fitness forward, sweaty and functional burn in this peppy class.




















Aaahhh Yoga the class that everyone knows yet nobody knows what to expect. Our Yoga classes are accessible and movement focused. We integrate breathing, mindfulness and focus throughout class to keep the energy lifted and the body moving for the majority of the time. Postures are playfully linked and creative formats and structures are our forte.

General Drop In Classes

Our General Drop In Classes are extremely accessible, and designed to be all level, ridiculously fun times. These 55 minute, fitness focused classes, cater to all experiences of exercisers and you'll receive plenty of options to accommodate for wherever your body and mind are at that day. You will feel comfortable 'choosing your own adventure' as the General Drop In Classes are designed for everyone to personalize as needed. You can expect music in every General Drop In Class and a push play and go style workout. The Instructor will guide you through the entire workout and demonstrate most of the class. The pace is swift, but followable, and our Instructors are exceptional at creating clever, fitness fusion style classes. Class flow is our strong suit and we have an impeccable way of creating functional workouts. We also have a mysterious way of making classes fly by! 


Our General Classes are open to everyone, you don't have to know anything or wear anything in particular. You'll follow a simply structured lesson that is geared to a whole body workout. You can expect some options catered to stiff bodies, pre or post natal, joint immobility or other unique conditions you are currently experiencing. That said, you know your body best and your Instructor is observant to suggest options, but these do not replace the consultation and advice of your doctor or other Medical professional.

You'll see our classes come at you in three mains ways; General Drop In Classes, Specialty Drop In Classes and Registered Series. All classes are fitness focused and strive to provide balanced, whole body workouts, while having a sweet time with new or old friends! 

Barre classes are inspired by ballet dancers who use a wall mounted bar to strengthen, condition and stretch. Barre classes are an energetic mix of Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Dance. Set to high energy music you will move, pulse, lengthen and strengthen your entire body. What keeps you coming back to this class is it's signature burn that leaves you feeling buzzed from a killer workout but also taller and more confident from the deep stretches interspersed throughout. Barre is the grace and ease of a dancer with the grit and sweat of a gym workout.

Benefits of Barre

  • No impact on your joints

  • Core conditioning, flexibility, balance and functional training

  • Excellent cross-training with a focus on glutes, quads, hamstrings and hip mobility and strength

  • An incredible pelvic floor and deep core workout

  • Great for those with joint concerns that are better suited to an upright workout

  • A great sustainable option for pre and post pregnancy

  • Rehabilitative

What to Wear for Barre

  • No shoes or socks required, ballet slippers or socks are highly encouraged (not mandatory). Barre socks are available at the studio to purchase

  • Leggings and/or snug fitting attire is great as legs go up and down and all around and you don't want any surprises


Breath merges with movements in this all levels flow. Connectedness and a dynamic sense of fluidity are the goal. This moving meditation emphasizes expressive patterns and sequences that feel like there is no stop nor start to your postures. Our Yoga forte here is creative sequencing, interesting pose combinations, smart preparatory actions and prioritizing the movements that feel incredible in 'regular people' bodies. We layer in breathe and meditative coaching for a seamless mindbody evolution.























Benefits of Yoga

  • A grounding and peaceful afterglow

  • A wicked combination of flexibility and strength

  • Stamina, endurance and increased energy

  • An excellent counter activity to the strains and stresses of everyday physical and emotional life

  • Targets those typically tight places; shoulders, hips and back

  • A positive outlook 

What to Wear for Yoga

  • Come dressed in comfy and very stretchy clothes

  • Bare feet

  • A sweater or warmer layer for the meditation

  • Anything that makes your practice better or more special including but not limited to meditation beads, eye pillows or your favourite socks

Pilates is famous for creating lean, long and strong bodies. With a focus on core based movements and deep abdominal breathing you will experience better posture and a tight, sculpted body. At Alive, we offer mat pilates which is done without equipment so we can focus on precision and functionality of the movements. If your goal is to chisel and sculpt then you better start doing Pilates. Long levers, pulsing actions and fiery breathing ensure you feel ignited after any style of class. Pilates is notorious for giving people six packs!

Benefits of Pilates

  • Core focus

  • Increase in energy through deep, powerful breathing

  • Fantastic compliment to any sport or leisure activity 

  • Pelvic floor

  • Posture development

  • Alleviate back pain through strengthening and mobility

What to Wear for Pilates

  • Bare Feet & Water Bottle

  • Clothing free from zippers and bulky details is advised as we spend lots of time on hands, hips, knees and backs


This is a Mat Pilates class that integrates Pilates foundational movements, Yoga and Fitness principles for an extremely well rounded workout. You can expect to get stronger, longer and more mobile in this workout, with a focus on core muscles, pelvic floor and spinal and hip mobility. Lots of options are provided for all levels and all abilities, no Pilates experience is necessary.  In true Alive style this class will give you a great fitness fusion workout with some peppy tunes and exceptional coaching and demonstrating along the way. Great for first-timers but not necessarily a beginner or 'easy' class.


This Barre class is a core bootcamp designed to tone, strengthen, lengthen and build mobility with a focus on the central core muscles. By integrating multiple tools like pilates balls, bands and, including our wall mounted barre, you'll be able to train all the muscles in a proficiently functional, deep, and powerful way. You'll notice a more chiselled middle, excellent cross-over to other sports and activities and a feeling of being taller and more mobile. Enjoy using various equipment in class and expect a combination of both Barre and mat work. You'll always wildly sweat and intentionally stretch in this fiery, hard core, yet functional Barre class!


Nicknamed 'Booty Camp,' expect to build strength, improve cardio and enjoy a musically driven, Barre inspired workout! By taking ballet barre conditioning movements and doing them off the barre you can expect a bold, steady push to slay a well rounded workout! We enjoy sweeping lines, deep core integration and lots of movement repetition to really sweat, burn and isolate small functional muscles. This sneakily soft practice shocks with incredible toning, expression and insanely functional development for core.


This class always provides the full gamete for ultimate satisfaction; grace and flow, an upper body conditioning segment, a couple cardio-airbound options, core training and deep dancer stretches.


Using Therabands we integrate more core and upper body strengthening and mobility gains in to the Barre workout. A fusion of Pilates inspired upper and lower body integration, makes this a challenging but very accessible class. The bands can easily be adjusted for the tension you need. Therabands were originally created as Physiotherapists dream for safe, full range of motion 'rehab' conditioning; this means you'll get an extremely personalized and highly functional workout.


Guests with shoulder concerns, tightness, or working through rehabilitation can still enjoy Barre & Band without using a band. Guests can also exchange the band for a small hand weight if so desired.

*Our bands are latex FREE


This is a great mix of all Barre styles we offer at the studio. It's a sweet weekly change-up of equipment (bands, balls, weights), movements and music to keep you excited and on your toes! It's Instructors choice as to the specifics but requests are always welcomed! This ever changing class is accessible to all levels and barre experiences. This rotating themed class is excellent for trying new Barre modalities, ultimate cross-training and keeping the body guessing and adapting to new styles of movement.


Soulful music challenges your body in a different way when we hold poses longer and complete deeper stretching throughout this Barre class. Fusing Yoga, Dance and Pilates into a slower paced class, means you'll isolate smaller muscles and by controlling every movement the burn will creep in- along with long lines and a killer posture! Enjoy a real 'dancey' feel to the movements and expressive mini-sequences. Expect to feel invigorated, inspired, and rightly stretched.


You'll see a themed class every so often on our schedule! Classes like Beyonce Barre, tribute nights, Christmas Rock, Alivelandia or Beibonce frequently rock the house. These classes are absolutely a hoot! The music and moves will take you to an era or a destination and you'll have so much fun you'll wanna stay and just keep mingling.

*Barre Parties are also available for personalized group bookings* email to request!


Deep stretches and mobility focus, make this class the king of functionality. We flow through gentle Yoga sequences and hold postures longer, for deeper more therapeutic results. There is an athletic stretch and release for the body and a soothing, slow down for the mind. You don't need to be a pretzel or a Yoga pro to enjoy this all levels, accessible, slow flowing class. Beautiful meditative coaching and breathing practices really help define this indulgent Yoga experience.


A cleansing practice that emphasizes detoxifying postures to promote circulation, digestion, lymphatic boost and energy restoration. Deep twists, massaging postures and powerful belly breathing will have you feeling better than a Saturday night spent drinking water on the rocks. This class is similar to a Ying/Yang approach where there is a decadent mix of fiery poses interspersed with mellow holds.



This all levels Yoga class is a dynamic, mindbody flow that will have a certain focus each month. These craftily curated classes will allow you to practice postures multiple times within similar classes each month to optimize certain yoga aspects. You can expect your favourite fusion of physical practice, mindful movement, breathe and music -like always- but with focused themes like; Spinal twists, hip openers, inversions, balances, and much more!


Look forward to a calculated and inspiring class to really hone a particular Yoga pose or target a specific body part.



This Yoga flow fusion class specializes in sculpting, toning and balancing your core muscles. You'll enjoy a combination of Yoga, Fitness, Pilates and Core training. The key to great movement, performance and pain free bodies is your core -an intricate network of trunk muscles, fascia and soft tissues -that when firing and strong can turn you into a superhero. Expect mighty combinations and creative Yoga sequences in this spicy Yoga class! Feel the burn and build heat, interspersed with blissful Yoga holds and stretches. This is our 'sweatiest' Yoga class we offer. 


We blend the flow of Barre with bold isometric Yoga holds to create a sublimely unique fusion class. By incorporating a wall mounted barre, you'll experience deeper stretches, attain more advanced balance poses, and enjoy the unique pushing and pulling actions for postural depth. The uniqueness of being able to incorporate Barre grip, lean, fall, bind, push, and pull will take your Yoga journey in a cool new direction. Discover the functionality, variety and freshness of this unique Yoga class! Expect to strengthen, lengthen, develop postural muscles and deep core activation, and receive the treats of breathe and relaxation for a happy, satisfied and blissful body. 



We've put our Mat Pilates class upright at the Barre! By integrating both Mat and Barre Pilates movements, you can experience more variety and more focus on the lower body than traditional Pilates offers. Now the pulsing is done up, down and all around for a few more sweat drops!  Expect the integration of various props as you complete both upright and mat exercises in calculated precision. Lots of options and layers will be coached through in every class so you can tailor the class to suit your needs. All levels are welcome!

Specialty Drop In Classes

Specialty Drop In Classes are unique in that they offer a class that infuses a specialty element such as equipment, movements or style of exercise. These are more specialized fitness classes and may suggest wearing certain clothes, cater to a unique method of movement, have prerequisites and/or suggested suitabilities. These fun classes are still super accessible and inclusive. They are fitness focused, 75 minute classes which offer a great way to take your skills, or curiosity to a new dimension. You can expect music, a great flow style class with minimal stopping and starting and like always, an extremely positive, functional workout. These Specialty Classes work well to sprinkle in to your General Drop In Class schedule as a way to challenge, enhance and enlighten your fitness repertoire. As a stand alone, our Specialty Drop In Classes can also serve to lift you physically and mentally to places you've never experienced before. The specific details for each Specialty Drop In Class is communicated in the class descriptions below as well when booking online and on the app.

Our Specialty Drop In Classes have a 24 cancellation policy and run dependant on minimum class numbers.

Registered Series Classes

Registered Series cater to classes that are served better as progressive series, where there are fundamental skills required for safety and in order to progress, or the class is better served by keeping the same group consistent each week. You can enjoy a more personalized experience in these Registered Series, as Instructors can gradually progress, challenge and layer in personalized feedback each week. Most Registered Series are unique in the kind of movement or equipment being used. The skills may be more unique and the modality of fitness more unique. The learning curve for some series may be more gradual, however series classes are most definitely appropriate for everyone as they clearly start with beginner and foundational Instruction. You can enjoy a class suited specifically to your level and desirability in registered series.

Some examples of our Registered Series include; Femme Brigade, Burlesque Bootcamp, Alive Total Detox, and Adult Ballet.

Registered Series Classes have a 7 day cancellation policy and run dependant on minimum class numbers.

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