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Drop In Classes

Our General Drop In Classes are extremely accessible, and designed to be all level, ridiculously fun times. These 50 minute, fitness focused classes, cater to all experiences of exercisers and you'll receive plenty of options to accommodate for wherever your body and mind are at that day. You will feel comfortable 'choosing your own adventure' as the General Drop In Classes are designed for everyone to personalize as needed. You can expect music in every General Drop In Class and a push play and go style workout.



Consistently scheduled weekly classes that run in seasonal semesters. All classes are fitness focused and strive to provide balanced, whole body workouts, while having a sweet time with new or old friends! 

  • Is pre-booking my classes mandatory?

  • What's the cancellation policy?

  • How many classes can I do with my membership?

  • Can I pay a drop in each time I come?

  • What is the studio etiquette when I arrive?

Our General Classes are open to everyone, you don't have to know anything or wear anything in particular. You'll follow a simply structured lesson that is geared to a whole body workout. You can expect some options catered to stiff bodies, pre or post natal, joint immobility or other unique conditions you are currently experiencing. That said, you know your body best and your Instructor is observant to suggest options, but these do not replace the consultation and advice of your doctor or other Medical professional.


The Instructor will guide you through the entire workout and demonstrate most of the class. The pace is swift, but followable, and our Instructors are exceptional at creating clever, fitness fusion style classes. Class flow is our strong suit and we have an impeccable way of creating functional workouts. We also have a mysterious way of making classes fly by! 

We are an adult facility and require all attendees to be 16 years of age or older to participate in classes by themselves. Guests 14-16 years of age can attend classes if in attendance with an adult or gaurdian who is also participating in the same class. Guests under the age of 14 are not permitted.

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