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Barre classes are inspired by ballet dancers who use a wall mounted bar to strengthen, condition and stretch. Barre classes are an energetic mix of Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Dance. Set to high energy music you will move, pulse, lengthen and strengthen your entire body. What keeps you coming back to this class is it's signature burn that leaves you feeling buzzed from a killer workout but also taller and more confident from the deep stretches interspersed throughout. Barre is the grace and ease of a dancer with the grit and sweat of a gym workout.


A muscle focused Barre class drenched in fitness moves and top 40 songs. Great for muscular conditioning and upbeat for a cardio kick. 


A focus on core & functional movements throughout class. We use tools like Pilates balls and weights and have a long Pilates mat sequence to finish.


Soulful music challenges your body in a different way when we hold poses longer and complete deeper stretching throughout this Barre class. It's like a Yoga class on ginseng..and upright. You'll feel like a zenned warrior at the end.


Ditch the bros and dress the part. Every Friday night is a themed Barre class that's absolutely a hoot. The music and moves will take you to an era or a destination and you'll have so much fun you'll wanna stay and just keep smiling. If you'd like to keep the bar party going after class there is always minlging at Logans pub afterwards- just downstairs.



  • No impact on your joints

  • Core conditioning, flexibility, balance and functional training

  • Excellent cross-training with a focus on glutes, quads, hamstrings and hip mobility and strength

What to Bring

  • No shoes or socks required, ballet slippers or socks are great but not mandatory if you have them

  • Leggings and/or snug fitting attire is great as legs go up and down and all around and you don't want any surprises


Pilates is famous for creating lean, long and strong bodies. With a focus on core based movements and deep abdominal breathing you will experience better posture and a tight, sculpted body. At Alive, we offer mat pilates which is done without equipment so we can focus on precision and functionality of the movements. If your goal is to chisel and sculpt then you better start doing Pilates. Long levers, pulsing actions and fiery breathing ensure you feel ignited after any style of class. Pilates is notorious for giving people six packs!



This is the essentials, and a more traditional approach to Pilates. Learn more of the lingo, go deeper into movements and postures and receive more coaching on the keystone movements and magic that is Pilates. Great for first-timers but not necessarily a beginner or 'easy' class.


Experience some serious fire in this dynamic, high energy class. Lots of options are provided to take your workout to the next level and you'll be puffing and sweating like you just ate a hot chili in no time. Interesting and advanced options are provided here.


Bring your buzz for this attack of a workout! Fun cardio moves are combined with the strength and core awesomeness of Pilates. Killer music keeps us sweating to the beat as we get a perfect combintation full body workout.



  • Core focus

  • Increase in energy through deep, powerful breathing

  • Fantastic compliment to any sport or leisure activity 

What to Bring

  • Bare Feet & Water Bottle

  • Clothing free from zippers and bulky details is advised as we spend lots of time on hands, hips, knees and backs





GRID rollers are the industries preferred, highest quality foam rollers used as a tool for self myofacial release or deep message. These rollers loosen and elongate tight muscles, knots and fascia so you feel more lengthened, relaxed and pain free. 'Rolling out' is a popular technique stollen from Physiotherapists and Sports Conditioning Coaches to not only dissolve tension and erradicate pain and discomfort but also to enhance mobilty and performance. GRID rolling does not feel good during but is worth the feeling you have after.





These classes combine foam rolling and fascia release techniques as well as deep stretches and release techniques into your favourite classes. Wether you're a weekend warrior or a fulltime athlete add in a few minutes of rolling into your week and you won't regret it for a second. You will love to hate GRID classes as the hurt feels so good!



  • Alleviates pain caused by tight muscles and fascia

  • Brings balance and symmetry back into muscular system

  • A feeling of restoration and total mobility

What to Bring

  • Bare feet is great 

  • Comfy clothes, especially a sweater or longsleeve to keep you warm as we slow down and stretch




Aaahhh Yoga the class that everyone knows yet nobody knows what to expect. Our Yoga classes are accessible and movement focused. We integrate breathing, mindfulness and focus throughtout class to keep the energy lifted and the body moving for the majority of the time. Postures are playfuly linked and creative formats and structures are our forte.



Breathe merges with movements in this class. Connectedness and a dynamic sense of fluidity and flow are the goal in this class. This moving meditation emphasises expressive patterns and sequences to feel like there is no stop nor start to your postures.


Our friend Pilates had a little influence on this one. Yoga postures are linked together with an emphasis on core activation and stabilizer muscle recruitment. You'll find a heavy dose of balancing postures here as well as Downdogs, versions of plank and good ol Yogi crunches.



A cleansing practice that empasizes detoxifying postures to promote circulation, digestion, lympahtic boost and energy restoration. Deep twists, massaging postures and powerful belly breathing will have you feeling better than a Saturday night spent drinking water on the rocks.


This class has a focus on shoulders and hips- typically where surfers and paddlers tend to be tight. Whether you are a regular surfer babe, have never done it, or would like to be this class is a fantastic flow of postures that will feel amazing regardless. Using similar movements and patterns in class as you would on the water Surfing, SUPing, Kayaking, canoeing and swimming this water inspired flow will leave you feeling beachy.



Your chance to get wild and get the straight off your face. We practice inversions, backbends, balances and interesting movement patterns. It's all about bending the rules here and having the freedom to create your own practice with guidance from your Instructor to take it further or to fianlly have the space to try that posture you 'have been dieing to try.'



A totally fun and social class! This all levels Yoga flow style class will provide you with a great workout with the basics of Yoga breathing and fun creative postures. We continue the fun downstairs afterwards to our friends Logans Pub to continue the Yoga discussions and all else entertaining. Drink specials keep your wallet happy and a great workout means the bevies are guilt free.



A class full of energy and core powered postures that flows together using creative transitions and sweaty Yoga moves. This is a full on 60 minutes of strength, agressive postures and stamina. Ahhhh total satisfaction by the end. Stretchier and stronger.



This one is exclusively for the gentlemen. A class designed for guy specific needs, postures and mobility. Dudeasana please, with no female lululemon distractions. Guys you can learn, practice and make a fool here with your Bros. Perfect if you have tightness or immobility or heck just want to try Yoga in a stress free environment- get here boys!



  • A grounding and peaceful afterglow

  • A wicked combination of flexibility and strength

  • Stamina, endurance and increased energy

  • A positive outlook 

What to Bring

  • Come dressed in comfy and very stretchy clothes

  • Bare feet

  • A sweater or warmer layer for the meditation

  • Anything that makes your practice better or more special including but not limited to meditation beads, eye pillows or your favourite socks





We know that sometimes you just want to let loose! A little sweat, a wild beat and a party workout is something we crave too. To complete your overall health fix we have added in some energetic cardio and muscular conditioning focused classes.



This is the fastest and most effective way to burn calories and build strength. Period. A muscular conditioning class that uses hand weights, strength training movements and a touch of plyometrics to get you buff. Mostly low impact- great for all levels. This class will push your limits and leave you on an adrenaline high.



  • A total body workout

  • Strength and stamina

  • Metabolic conditioning and maximal calorie burn

  • Increases functionality and core for extradordinary cross-over into everyday life

What to Bring

  • Indoor running shoes or training shoes

  • Something you can sweat in and a water bottle to replace that lost hydration




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