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In Person Class Pricing

First Timer Month $59

This is for first time guests and can be used in conjunction with the $5 First Timer option. This pass gives you access In Person classes for 30 days, activated on your first class booking. This is the best option to try out all classes for a great deal if you are a first timer! We know the first time isn't easy, we are here to help. Enjoy the variety of classes all designed for all levels and with plenty of options to get you started.

*Due to COVID-19 public health orders which mandate extreme capacity restrictions, we are currently asking all guests to limit in person class bookings to 4 per week, including our first timers.*


You hung out with us and now you realized you can't live without us! This is a re-occuring monthly credit card payment that gives you unique access at preferred rates! This option is a 3 month minimum commitment, and then can be put on hold or cancelled, otherwise will continue monthly. You can hold your membership for 4 weeks time frames, up to 4 months, for a onetime fee of $15.00.

Essential Autopay $92

  • Includes 4 In Person classes per week

  • Receive 50% off any class purchases above 4 per week

  • Exclusive access to add on features

Add Ons

Unlimited Virtual 

Classes Add-on


Unlimited Classes



*temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions*

Premium Autopay $169

  • Includes Unlimited In Person classes per week

  • Includes Unlimited Virtual Classes per week

  • Receive 20% OFF all retail purchases

  • Receive 1 FREE Buddy pass per month

  • Exclusive discount for 20% OFF any Specialty Classes and/or registered series

Month by Month

We realize sometimes you just don't want to commit- that's cool, this one's for you. These passes give you access to any 4 In Person Classes per week with no reoccurring commitment. Passes always activate on the day of your first class booking, not the purchase date. These payments are made in their entirety and do not have hold options, however you'll notice the more months you buy the more you save.

1 Month Membership   $125  

2 Month Membership   $230 $115/month

3 Month Membership   $315 $105/month

6 Month Membership   $594 $99/month

12 Month Membership $1068 $89/month

Drop In Class Passes

Like the single life? No commitment at all - just class by class. We suggest getting at least a 10 pack because you'll save $$$ and get to date us long enough to know if we are right for each other.

Good for ALL In Person Classes.

1 Class Pass $22          

10 Class Pass $200 $20/class    

20 Class Pass $380 $19/class  

40 Class Pass $720 $18/class

Single QUICKIE Class (25 Min) $11          

10 QUICKIE Class Pass (25 Min) $105 $10.50/class    

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