General Drop In Classes

Our General Drop In Classes are extremely accessible, and designed to be all level, ridiculously fun times. These 55 minute, fitness focused classes, cater to all experiences of exercisers and you'll receive plenty of options to accommodate for wherever your body and mind are at that day. You will feel comfortable 'choosing your own adventure' as the General Drop In Classes are designed for everyone to personalize as needed. You can expect music in every General Drop In Class and a push play and go style workout. The Instructor will guide you through the entire workout and demonstrate most of the class. The pace is swift, but followable, and our Instructors are exceptional at creating clever, fitness fusion style classes. Class flow is our strong suit and we have an impeccable way of creating functional workouts. We also have a mysterious way of making classes fly by! 


Our General Classes are open to everyone, you don't have to know anything or wear anything in particular. You'll follow a simply structured lesson that is geared to a whole body workout. You can expect some options catered to stiff bodies, pre or post natal, joint immobility or other unique conditions you are currently experiencing. That said, you know your body best and your Instructor is observant to suggest options, but these do not replace the consultation and advice of your doctor or other Medical professional.

You'll see our classes come at you in three mains ways; General Drop In Classes, Specialty Drop In Classes and Registered Series. All classes are fitness focused and strive to provide balanced, whole body workouts, while having a sweet time with new or old friends! 










Specialty Drop In Classes

Specialty Drop In Classes are unique in that they offer a class that infuses a specialty element such as equipment, movements or style of exercise. These are more specialized fitness classes and may suggest wearing certain clothes, cater to a unique method of movement, have prerequisites and/or suggested suitabilities. These fun classes are still super accessible and inclusive. They are fitness focused, 75 minute classes which offer a great way to take your skills, or curiosity to a new dimension. You can expect music, a great flow style class with minimal stopping and starting and like always, an extremely positive, functional workout. These Specialty Classes work well to sprinkle in to your General Drop In Class schedule as a way to challenge, enhance and enlighten your fitness repertoire. As a stand alone, our Specialty Drop In Classes can also serve to lift you physically and mentally to places you've never experienced before. The specific details for each Specialty Drop In Class is communicated in the class descriptions below as well when booking online and on the app.

Our Specialty Drop In Classes have a 24 cancellation policy and run dependant on minimum class numbers.

Registered Series Classes

Registered Series cater to classes that are served better as progressive series, where there are fundamental skills required for safety and in order to progress, or the class is better served by keeping the same group consistent each week. You can enjoy a more personalized experience in these Registered Series, as Instructors can gradually progress, challenge and layer in personalized feedback each week. Most Registered Series are unique in the kind of movement or equipment being used. The skills may be more unique and the modality of fitness more unique. The learning curve for some series may be more gradual, however series classes are most definitely appropriate for everyone as they clearly start with beginner and foundational Instruction. You can enjoy a class suited specifically to your level and desirability in registered series.

Some examples of our Registered Series include; Femme Brigade, Burlesque Bootcamp, Alive Total Detox, and Sassy Classes.

Registered Series Classes have a 7 day cancellation policy and run dependant on minimum class numbers.