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Alive Mindbody COVID-19 Studio Response & Measures


We’ve added extra procedures and expectations for our guests to ensure utmost safety as well as flow, efficiency and ease for all. COVID-19 guidelines remain prudent as we uphold tighter restrictions with the goal to loosen as the situation evolves and we can be assured of safety and minimal contamination. We understand this might not be everyone’s cup of tea to work out and engage in the space under these tightened guidelines and we honour your choice. Please be thoughtful to your individual risk level and honestly identify with your capacity to adhere to all following guidelines. If you feel it’s not quite your time to grace us with your face, please continue to enjoy the plethora of virtual classes available around the clock on our Alive On Demand platform!

COVID-19 Business Sustainability Plan


Respect for Mental Health, Hardworking Staff and a Variety of Guests

The staff have been working incredibly hard to provide you with workout options and a stable community! We ask for a positive presence when you arrive, a calm demeanour and an excited, thankful temperament! Everyone has the right to respond to their mental health needs as necessary, including our front line Managers and Instructors. All concerns, questions or general feelings of anxiety or rants, please email to We are happy to take the time to thoughtfully and personally respond in a sustainable, manageable and private way to you! We always like to hear how you are doing and take pride in being a friend you can reach out to.

Studio Restrictions

As we reintroduce our regular capacities, after extreme capacity restrictions; Alive Mindbody may need to adjust class schedules, restrict bookings and adjust exact service parameters at any time. We ask for your understanding and flexibility in this regard. Please adhere to our cancellation policies and do your best to cancel in-person class bookings 24 hours prior and communicate asap if sick so we can manage accordingly. If cancelling due to other reasons than COVID-19 sickness or COVID-19 positive contact cases, please reconcile late fees immediately. 

COVID-19 Refund, Cancellation and Membership Payments

In order to prioritize our business making it through the COVID-19 pandemic, we thank you kindly for continuing memberships where at all possible. Any purchases made at this time continue to fall under our normal return, cancellation and expiration policies. At this time we are relying on strict adherence to these policies.

All Autopay memberships continue to run as long as Alive Mindbody can offer similar fitness and wellness programming to contract holders. All autopay contracts run until otherwise communicated by the guest to Alive Mindbody.

All reoccurring memberships (Autopay Contracts) continue to adhere to our 2 week request for termination or holds. All account requests for holds and terminations must still be received in writing via email.

General COVID-19 Studio Operations

Touch Points

All guests and staff will minimize touch points.

  • Change-rooms & washrooms are open.

  • Guests are urged to bring in their own personal mats. Mats are available for rental. Mats can also be purchased at the studio.

  • Classes will use equipment and props that members are required to disinfect after class. 



All guests and staff will be mindful of movement flow, distancing and the comfortably levels of other members while moving throughout the studio spaces.

  • Masks are not required, and are optional for members at the studio. Please be mindful of others decisions to wear a mask or not.

  • Guests are asked to arrive in the building not more than 10 minutes before class.


Sick Policies

We require that all guests and staff that exhibit any signs of sickness, or are even just feeling ‘a little off,’ stay home. We thank you for cancelling your classes as soon as possible in these situations. We will not hesitate to require any staff, Instructors or guests to stay home if deemed necessary. We will do our very best to accommodate subs or coverage in these cases, however in the rare case we cannot classes will be cancelled and communicated to guests.


Alive staff has increased cleaning schedule. There will be a focus on high traffic areas and touch points. All cleaning supplies used are COVID-19 approved as per the Island Health Authority. A variety of cleaning solutions are available; hand sanitizer, equipment sprays, and washroom facilities. Sanitizer is set up as guests enter the studio and guests are are requested to sanitize their hands upon entry. Guests are also required to sanitize any props they use in class before returning them. 

  • All guests will adhere to cleaning policies at the completion of every class. 

  • Please bring your own full water bottle for class

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