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Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Sculpt, Barre Certification Master Trainer

Kristen owns and operates Alive Mindbody, actively teaching, laughing and gabbing around the studio. Kristen prides herself on clever, functional classes that push boundaries, bend rules and feel insanely good on the body. With Kinesiology and Education degrees and various specialty trainings, mixed with a zest for music and motion Kristen’s classes are truly a smart, holistic combination of actions that will make you feel remarkable. Expect to giggle your way through an expressive and flow-focused movement experience. Connection to music, breathe, movement and others in the room is Kristen's jam!


Sign: Virgo


What makes you feel alive? Regularly creating flow in my body; whether by movement, breathe, music or form of expression.


Fav Bevie: LA Woman AKA Skinny Margarita


Vice: Having more plants than one person should and hot tubs/hot springs until I go to raisinville.


Saying: "Jump in with both feet."


Which celebrity acts most like you? Chelsea Handler (as I've been told and recognized as in public)


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Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Sculpt

Ashley is a focused fitness fiend and her classes reflect this incredible sense of organization and planning mastery that leave you feeling extremely taken care of. This little dynamo is your cheerleader and will coach, push, boogie and laugh all the way to the finish line with you. You can always expect a great burn and a full body workout to some fab tunes. Some rocker anthems like Imagine Dragons and Coleman Hell make frequent appearances. Expect efficiency, a kind ear to listen and an Instructor who thrives off feedback from you, to make the classes just what you need.   


Sign: Cancer


What makes you feel alive? Doing exactly what I want in life right now and continuously creating goals and obtaining them.


If you could go for dinner with anyone right now, who would it be? THOR! Doesn’t matter where.... it’s a date with Thor.


Fav Artist: Steven Tyler


What can't you stop talking about? Barre!! Between the burn, stretch and sweat I am in fitness bliss. 


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Shannon_Pose_ArmExtend_chandlier_Half Fr


Barre, Pilates, Sculpt

Quiet and introspective upon first meet, Shannon's delicate, and congenial demeanour lends to a sly workout and undercover sweat. Just like her actions are smooth, grounded and calculated, you can expect to receive the same silky soft delivery of an astonishingly rigorous and gnarly workout. Not one for being in-genuine or wasting your time, you'll get a direct, quick n dirty. With a soft, yet firm tone and calculated coaching style you find yourself turning off your brain in class and enjoying feeling the music and mastering cool movements. A bit of a Ballerina, Shannon draws from her dance background, love of movement and sweet musical tastes to deliver a really soft, sweepy, dancey class in an easy to follow sweaty, hot sneak up. 


Sign: Virgo


What makes you feel alive? Dancing.


Vice: Coffee & hashbrowns


What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? Not waking up to an alarm, fresh coffee and a homemade breakfast- usually pancakes topped with fruit. Getting fresh air and exercise. 


Favourite Saying: “In the waves of change we find our true direction.” I love going to the beach to think, reflect and listen to the waves. 


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Yoga, Pilates

This Aries sun/Scorpio moon gal is spicy, AND so nicey - bringing the burn and the mellow to her classes, with some space for free movement! Moriah has a background as a registered massage therapist and her understanding of physiology is evident in her flows. Her practice finds you noticeably improving yours - with special attention paid to proper placements and poses. You can expect sneaky strengthening and mobility moves, sweet tunes - obviously, and a whole lotta light hearted fun with Moriah! You’ll barely even notice the extra lil’ flutter kicks ‘cause you’ll be focused on balance as you move through slow, exaggerated transitions - and the sweat rolling off your brow. 


Sign: Aries Sun / Scorpio Moon


What makes you feel alive? Laughing and crying, lol


If you could pick anyone to have dinner with, who would it be and where? Ani Difranco at her house


Most embarrassing teaching moment? I was so into whatever I was teaching, the class was nearly full, probably 40 students in the space, I was walking around while instructing and watching the students intently, when bang! I walked sideways so hard into a giant pillar that was in the middle of room. I was very startled and confused lol, everyone fell out of their pose and we all laughed


What is your favourite Yoga pose/exercise? Exercise - Deadlifts, Yoga Pose - Warrior 1


Moriah's Studio Classes

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kailey mug relaxed.jpg

Yoga, Sculpt

Obsessed with cultivating community, confidence, cats & a bit of comedy, that basically sums up a Kailey class. You'll feel welcome as if you just arrived at your best friends house, supported, and treated to a slinky, stretchy and zesty practice. Like a feline, class will be a mix of snoozing in the sun and surprise pouncing and playing! A lover of music, enjoy sweating, smiling and singing along during class. With a discerning eye for individuality, Kailey cleverly coaches and ensures an open path for all. As a cool cat you might develop a crush at first meet, but you'll keep returning because of her mastery in recognizing that we are each our own brand of wild.


Sign: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces, Aquarius Rising.  Does that mean something to you because I’ve been told it's important.


What makes you feel alive? Back bends, and jumping into any body of water.


Describe your classes in one word:  Juicyfruit. A natural delicious snack, a tribute to good music (RIP BIGGIE), and packed with intense awesome flavor but it doesn’t last too long… but just long enough.


What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? I love spending the weekends getting my sweat on, then my brunch on.


What are you terrified of?  I am absolutely terrified of centipedes/millipedes (BARF), and not being my truest self.


Kailey's Studio Classes


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Barre, Pilates, Sassy

Candace loves to move and dance, in fact, expressive movement is the one thing she cannot live without. This dancing goddess is a smiley ball of energy and as soon as you see her, you'll smile too. The high kick Queen, nothing makes Candace feel more alive than dancing, and she will 100% pass that vibe onto YOU. Whatever your experience or background, Candace prioritizes sweating and laughing equally in her classes, meaning you'll be a dancing maniac without even knowing it. With thoughtful movements and functional exercises at the forefront, this #1 cheerleader will have you leaving her classes feeling happy and strong. Expect to tweak your movements into longer, stronger, more dancer inspired with ease, grace & energy.


Sign: Virgo, Sun is in Leo and Moon is in Cancer

Vices: Coffee and journaling in the morning

Most memorable teaching moment? Teaching all my series classes and dance classes because I could see my students start as beginners and progress so much and their confidence is outstanding after.  Putting women on stage for their first time in a new dance style or first time Burlesque dancers, super rewarding for all of us!


Fav Beverage? Coconut lime habanero margarita

Favourite quote/saying: “The wound is the place where the light enters you” — Rumi

Candace's Studio Classes

Candace's Virtual Classes

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A bright, shiny light, Maya illuminates the room and dazzles with her energy and joy. A strong Instructor in both mind and body.  Expect a strong flow with opportunities for strengthening, stretching, & mobility. Be inspired with some advanced movements, but done softly and safely playing within your limits. Maya is a spiritual fiend, relishing in crystals, tarot, chakras, the moon, ecstatic dance & plant medicine and has a real knack for infusing the everyday with a layer of magic.  Her Breath focused flows with diverse movements & poses for students of all levels, means you'll be coaxed into all kinds of places and spaces in a Maya class! Feel the burn then savor your relaxed, loose, & centred state for the rest of the day.


Vice(s): Buying way too many spirituality related books, tarot card decks, and crystals… and never getting rid of any of them…


Astrological Sign: Aquarius 


What would be impossible for you to give up? My personal Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Holds all the intuitive knowledge in the world. I take it with me everywhere.


Favourite Artist: Jhené Aiko


What is your favourite Yoga pose/Exercise? Handstands (or any inversion) 

Maya's Studio Classes

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Sassy, Barre

Amanda is the hype girl you’ve been missing! An outstanding dancer, fierce mama and a fit firecracker. She is a part of a bold babe community, and you can find her dancing at any given moment of the day. Amanda's classes are always a great sweat, lots of smiles and leave you feeling energized from the inside out! Expect lots of energy and encouragement for students to listen to their body and tune into the present moment! Amanda has a deep passion for uplifting energy being shared in the class - leave feeling confident, stoked and empowered! Your buns will thank you later!


Sign: Aries


Favourite quote/saying: “Comparison is the thief of joy”, & in a pumped up voice: "Lets Go!!”

What makes you feel alive? I feel most alive when I am being true to myself. I know it sounds cliche but when I teach a dance or a barre class I feel present and to me being present is one of the greatest gifts.


Favourite Beverage? Rootbeer Zevia. 


Most memorable teaching moment? Putting together a music video, creating a flash mob for a wedding, or being on the News in spandex work out gear dancing my heart out. 


What would be impossible for you to give up? Dancing/Fitness/Treats.


Amanda's Studio Classes

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Barre, Pilates

More info on this instructor coming soon...

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Don’t be fooled by Rachel Schillberg’s sweet demeanour. This gal is a boss, and she will show you how hard core it is to be a ballerina.

In Rachels classes you will 100% get stronger.  She keeps you going for the burn with cute quirky cues and rad tunes. From Hosier to Hip Hop, you’ll always find a song you love (and know the words to!).  Rachel is in fact a very sweet human. She is also a professionally trained Ballerina. At 16 she moved to Toronto to study Ballet at George Brown College and has performed the Nutcrtacker in Montreal with Ballet Ouest. Rachel LOVES a good long Down Dog hold, and a dirty chai latte has never done her wrong.

Sign: Virgo


What makes you feel alive? Nature and Dancing.


Fav way to spend the weekend? Hiking or at the beach with her partner


What are you scared of? Spiders

Favourite quote: "I do not try to dance better than anyone else, I try to dance better than myself." — Mikhail Baryshnikov

Rachel's Studio Classes


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Yoga, Sculpt

An extremely experienced mover and educator, you can expect to feel totally taken care of in Lexy's class. Uber creative flows laced with lovely themes like joy, grounding, and strength, alongside epic fitness fusion moves means the full meal deal everytime! If you wanna get in on some Lexy gossip – I suggest an inquiry into the sleep patterns of
toddlers, or about the latest episode of love is blind, and if you ever need to butter her up for any reason, get her a muffin, any muffin. With a relaxed 'tude but warrior demeanor you'll be both blissed and inspired every time in this rockstars class.


Sign: Pisces

What can’t you stop talking about? My toddlers horrible sleep 


What sport would you play if you were a professional athlete?Snowboarding (used to do for millions of years)!


Most memorable teaching moment? Was Signed up to open for a huge teacher – (Jillian Michaels biggest looser) – at an outdoor yoga fitnee conference in San Fran – Though she was going in to teach a regular sized class, but it turned out to be a 2,000, she was on a stage with video and all that.


What would be impossible for you to give up? Muffins (orange and date from parsonage)


Which celebrity acts most like you? Kristen Wigg cause I’m super goofey and make tonnes of facial expressions.

Lexy's Studio Classes

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Yoga, Sculpt, Barre

This Aries true Yogi soul flexes her creativity and imagination not only in creating beautiful Movement classes but also as a Tattoo Artist. Rebecca will treat you to a clever flow style experience, always adjusting to her class needs and an expert at reading the room. With years of Instructing under her belt Rebecca can turn up the heat or totally chill out, a wizard at  providing the full meal deal. A confident leader, don't let this rock n roll exterior fool you, there's so much gentleness and kindness - a kitty cat in a leather jacket.


Sign: Aries Sun / Scorpio Moon


What makes you feel alive? Getting outside for a good walk in nature.


Favourite quote/saying? “When one teaches, two learn.” — Robert Heinlein 


Favourite Artist? One of my favourite musical artists is Cat Power. 


What would be impossible for you to give up? I could not live without human kindness.



Rebecca's Studio Classes

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