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Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Conditioning, Barre Certification Master Trainer


Kristen owns and operates Alive Mindbody, actively teaching, laughing and gabbing around the studio.  Kristen prides herself on clever, functional classes that push boundaries, bend rules and feel insanely good on the body. With Kinesiology and Education degrees and various specialty trainings, mixed with a zest for music and motion Kristen’s classes are truly a smart, holistic combination of actions that will make you feel remarkable. Expect to giggle your way through an expressive and flow-focused movement experience. Connection to music, breathe, movement and others in the room is Kristen's jam!

Sign: Virgo

What makes you feel alive? 

Regularly creating flow in my body; whether by movement, breathe, music or form of expression.

Fav Bevie: LA Woman AKA Skinny Margarita


Vice: Having more plants than one person should and hot tubs/hot springs until I go to raisinville.


Saying: "Jump in with both feet."

Which celebrity acts most like you? Chelsea Handler (as I've been told and recognized as in public)

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Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Conditioning


Ashley is a focused fitness fiend and her classes reflect this incredible sense of organization and planning mastery that leave you feeling extremely taken care of. This little dynamo is your cheerleader and will coach, push, boogie and laugh all the way to the finish line with you. You can always expect a great burn and a full body workout to some fab tunes. Some rocker anthems like Imagine Dragons and Coleman Hell make frequent appearances. Expect efficiency, a kind ear to listen and an Instructor who thrives off feedback from you, to make the classes just what you need.   

Sign: Cancer

What makes you feel alive? Doing exactly what I want in life right now and continuously creating goals and obtaining them.

If you could go for dinner with anyone right now, who would it be? THOR! Doesn’t matter where.... it’s a date with Thor.

Fav Artist: Steven Tyler

What can't you stop talking about? Barre!! Between the burn, stretch and sweat I am in fitness bliss. 

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Barre, Conditioning, Sassy Classes

Lauren Girard Fitness Kitten.JPG

Lauren is an extremely talented and diverse Instructor. A sassy, smart cookie in a poker face package, Lauren is delightfully deceptive. Offering consistently challenging classes, Lauren manages to empower and uplift her class every single time through a mix of seriously tailored actions plus light-hearted camaraderie.  Lauren's class expertness lies in her musicality and choreography, she never misses a beat! You can expect spicy, full body workouts with bangin tunes and bad humor.

Sign: Scorpio

What makes you feel alive? 

Dancing in the sun, walking through the trees, connecting with the people around me through movement, and music.

Fav Bevie: G & T


Vice: Wearing my house coat a little too often. 


Saying: "Happiness Is Only Real When Shared."

What would be impossible for you to give up? Living by the ocean.

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Barre, Conditioning


Quiet and introspective upon first meet, Shannon's delicate, and congenial demeanour lends to a sly workout and undercover sweat. Just like her actions are smooth, grounded and calculated, you can expect to receive the same silky soft delivery of an astonishingly rigorous and gnarly workout. Not one for being in-genuine or wasting your time, you'll get a direct, quick n dirty. With a soft, yet firm tone and calculated coaching style you find yourself turning off your brain in class and enjoying feeling the music and mastering cool movements. A bit of a Ballerina, Shannon draws from her dance background, love of movement and sweet musical tastes to deliver a really soft, sweepy, dancey class in an easy to follow sweaty, hot sneak up. 

Sign: Virgo

What makes you feel alive? Dancing.

Vice: Coffee & hashbrowns

What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? Not waking up to an alarm, fresh coffee and a homemade breakfast- usually pancakes topped with fruit. Getting fresh air and exercise. 

Favourite Saying: “In the waves of change we find our true direction.” I love going to the beach to think, reflect and listen to the waves. 

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kailey mug relaxed.jpg

Obsessed with cultivating community, confidence, cats & a bit of comedy, that basically sums up a Kailey class. You'll feel welcome as if you just arrived at your best friends house, supported, and treated to a slinky, stretchy and zesty practice. Like a feline, class will be a mix of snoozing in the sun and surprise pouncing and playing! A lover of music, enjoy sweating, smiling and singing along during class. With a discerning eye for individuality, Kailey cleverly coaches and ensures an open path for all. As a cool cat you might develop a crush at first meet, but you'll keep returning because of her mastery in recognizing that we are each our own brand of wild.

Sign: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces, Aquarius Rising.  Does that mean something to you because I’ve been told it's important.

What makes you feel alive? Back bends, and jumping into any body of water.

Describe your classes in one word:  Juicyfruit. A natural delicious snack, a tribute to good music (RIP BIGGIE), and packed with intense awesome flavor but it doesn’t last too long… but just long enough 😊

What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? I love spending the weekends getting my sweat on, then my brunch on.

What are you terrified of?  I am absolutely terrified of centipedes/millipedes (BARF), and not being my truest self.

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Barre, Conditioning


Many things in one grand package make Catlin a treasure- a rare gem of an Instructor who you are sure to fall in love with! As both the studio's Administrative Manager and Instructor, she never misses a beat and her classes reflect this deep understanding of movement, humans and love of life. She has an island-laid-back 'tude equally mixed with a 'get-shit-done' motto. Part witch, a dose of empath, sprinkling of dance till you can't, with a heart on her sleeve. This grand mix means you really receive the whole package in class. Understanding, dynamic, succinct, dancey and the perfect amount fancy. Expect beats, burn and consistency - be surprised by the flavour and fun.

Sign: Scorpio

Favourite quote/saying? Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Worrying is a waste of imagination. 


Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Fly! I have enough crazy thoughts, no need to hear others! haha


Favourite Artist? Anderson Paak 


Most memorable teaching moment? Teaching my first class at Alive with a live virtual audience and in person friends! I felt so loved and supported, and got a sandwich and a mini bottle of prosecco after! Winning!

Catlin's Studio Classes

Catlin's Virtual Classes

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Looking for the perfect blend of grit and grace in a fitness class? Meet Ayva, a professional Dancer, who has relocated back to Victoria. You can find her working hard prepping her Barre classes for YOU, teaching strong, elegant and sweaty numbers each week. Outside of the studio Ayva still dances her way through life, taking advantage of everything the West Coast has to offer, and indulging in as much coffee and ice cream as she can (no matter the weather!). Don't be fooled by her seemingly sweet demeanor, this cheeky powerhouse will have you sweating (and swearing!) in no time. What can students expect in Avya's class? You will feel energized and lengthened while getting a serious burn. Expect to be sore in all the right places the next day.

Sign: Virgo

What makes you feel alive? Improving to my favorite tunes and letting my inner quirks run wild! The moment of bliss after having had a killer workout! Swimming in the Ocean and exploring the wonders of nature.

Fav empowering quote: “If you can’t love yourself, then how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” — Rupaul


What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? Lazing at the beach with good company!

Ayva's Studio Classes

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Down to earth is the best way to describe Mel as she's happiest outside, experiencing life by getting out and getting in it. Her yoga classes will leave you feeling grounded yet open, with newly discovered room to grow and explore. A paddleboard fanatic and dessert enthusiast, Mel creates an environment of kindness and caring everywhere she goes, including in the studio. Expect to feel expertly taken care of and ready for your next adventure with a little added pep to your step.

Sign: Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp

What makes you feel alive? Momma earth moments -  paddle boarding, camping and sweet hikes with my perfect puppy. 


If you could pick anyone to have dinner with, who would it be and where? My brother, a brunch tour here in Victoria. 


Favourite quote/saying: ‘the cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea’ - Karen Blixen


Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Fly! “Higher, further, faster, baby” - Captain Marvel

Mel's Studio Classes

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Yoga, Pilates


This Aries sun/Scorpio moon gal is spicy, AND so nicey - bringing the burn and the mellow to her classes, with some space for free movement! Moriah has a background as a registered massage therapist and her understanding of physiology is evident in her flows. Her practice finds you noticeably improving yours - with special attention paid to proper placements and poses. You can expect sneaky strengthening and mobility moves, sweet tunes - obviously, and a whole lotta light hearted fun with Moriah! You’ll barely even notice the extra lil’ flutter kicks ‘cause you’ll be focused on balance as you move through slow, exaggerated transitions - and the sweat rolling off your brow. 

Sign: Aries Sun / Scorpio Moon


What makes you feel alive? Laughing and crying, lol


If you could pick anyone to have dinner with, who would it be and where? Ani Difranco at her house


Most embarrassing teaching moment? I was so into whatever I was teaching, the class was nearly full, probably 40 students in the space, I was walking around while instructing and watching the students intently, when bang! I walked sideways so hard into a giant pillar that was in the middle of room. I was very startled and confused lol, everyone fell out of their pose and we all laughed

What is your favourite Yoga pose/Exercise? Exercise - Deadlifts, Yoga Pose - Warrior 1

Moriah's Studio Classes

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Barre, Sassy


Amanda is the hype girl you’ve been missing! An outstanding dancer, fierce mama and a fit firecracker. She is a part of a bold babe community, and you can find her dancing at any given moment of the day. Amanda's classes are always a great sweat, lots of smiles and leave you feeling energized from the inside out! Expect lots of energy and encouragement for students to listen to their body and tune into the present moment! Amanda has a deep passion for uplifting energy being shared in the class - leave feeling confident, stoked and empowered! Your buns will thank you later!

Sign: Aries


Favourite quote/saying: “Comparison is the thief of joy”, “Pump up voice: *Lets Go*!!”

What makes you feel alive? I feel most alive when I am being true to myself. I know it sounds cliche but when I teach a dance or a barre class I feel present and to me being present is one of the greatest gifts.


Favourite Beverage? Rootbeer Zevia. 

Most memorable teaching moment? Putting together a music video, creating a flash mob for a wedding, or being on the News in spandex work out gear dancing my heart out. 


What would be impossible for you to give up? Dancing/Fitness/Treats.

Amanda's Studio Classes

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Barre, Pilates


Simon wants to spark the joy in moving your body! Through interesting and embodied movements expertly coached, you'll experience new levels of strength and deeper moments of release in Simon's classes. Friendly, outgoing, charming and witty, Simon loves to connect after class and nerd out about functional fitness (just don't disturb him when RuPaul's Drag Race is on!). His passion for making movement fun and enjoyable will have you feeling inspired and maybe even ready to jump into his next TikTok video! Expect simple but challenging in Simon's classes - find joy in doing the work. Movement is therapy.


Sign: Aquarius


What makes you feel alive? *checks pulse*


What can’t you stop talking about? Have you tried my pilates class yet?


Favourite Artist? I gave a speech about Van Gough in the 3rd grade


Vice(s): No Ben and Jerry’s left unfinished


Favourite Beverage? Mostly water. Also kombucha.

Simon's Studio Classes

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Stefanie Papasoff

Barre, Conditioning


Hailing from Nashville, this bubbly and vibrant barre rockstar has brought us moves we've never seen before! Barely breaking a sweat herself, you can expect a high-energy, full body toning and sculpting class with a strength and booty focus! Her philosophy: The smaller the movements, the bigger the burn. If you thought you couldn't sink any lower or lift any higher, Stef will take you there! Her non-stop, positive encouragement will push you to reach your highest barre potential, resulting in an undeniable ear to ear grin. No two classes are identical, with fresh and feisty moves woven seamlessly throughout, prepare to be immediately addicted to her vibe. Don't expect to walk out of Stef's class, but to STRUT out, and with more energy and vibrancy than ever!


Sign: Capricorn

What makes you feel alive? Motivating myself and others to devote time to a grounding wholesome routine and real-deal self care. Taking my dog on little jaunts through my James Bay Community and smiling at strangers. 

What can't you stop thinking about? The psychology and pathology of literally anything and anyone. Why aren't we all talking about it more openly?

Favourite Beverage? Whiskey sour.

What is your favourite quote/saying? "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity"- Sun Tzu, Art of War

Favourite Artist? Gregory Alan Isakov

A Barre Pro, you'll see lot's of Stef subbing, just not weekly scheduled.

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Her yoga classes are a lot like her hair: ever-changing, colourful and full of joy. Meet Carly Greene Hill. She’s a yoga teacher, poet and spoken word artist. Often found with a cappuccino in one hand and pen in the other, Carly creates avenues of self-expression under her pen name tiny.writer. Her yoga sequences offer something for everyone — be it encouragement, heart, funk, flow or rejuvenation. You’ll come for the sass and soulful tunes, but stay for the vulnerability and never-before-felt sense of freedom. 

Sign: Cancer

What makes you feel alive? There’s a small second where body and rhythm form a serendipitous, little rebellion. Syncopating movement with what you hear is my favourite moment of being alive. 

What can’t you stop talking about? Creativity! Creativity, creativity, creativity. I think it’s what reminds us were human, and therefore, makes life so paradoxically tortuous yet absolutely delicious to live out. 

Describe your class in one word? Reverence.

Favourite Artist. Phantogram. Go listen. You’re welcome.

Favourite quote/saying. “There are thoughts which you cannot grasp, without changing your life.” 

Carly is currently a Master subber and doesn't have a regularly scheduled class.

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Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Conditioning


We don't think we know anyone with a bigger selection of exercises or movement ideas then Chantelle. Let this brainy babe expertly guide you through a smart, incredibly effective and ever changing workout. This cunning pro will lead you to believe you are a superhero, as you successfully slay the workout with Chantelle's clear cues and sneakily scaled movement patterns in class! Laughter, creative sequences and functional movements make Chantelle a must try Instructor! She's in love with movement, a little stubborn and can be particular- good news for you because those traits lead to a wonderful inspiring leader who you know has your back (front and sides).

Sign: Leo

What makes you feel alive? Fresh air, love and movement

Describe your classes in one word: Empowering

Favourite quote/saying:  The meaning in life is to find your gift, the purpose in life is to give it away.

Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Fly, nothing would be more freeing, uplifting, magical and amazing!

Chantelle is currently a Master subber and doesn't have a regularly scheduled class.

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Sassy Classes

Portia Favro.jpg

The divine Portia Favro will leave you with some new sexy skills and empowerment beyond words. With a serious pedigree of dance education, performance history, choreography and production, Portia is no stranger to the land of jiggle, giggle and slay. Portia LOVES throwback jams and you can always count on music that you can sing along to in the shower. With a knack for bringing music video style and celebrity dance moves to the mainstream, you can feel confident and comfortable knowing Portia is just the gal to teach you the tips, tricks and moves for all bodies and everybody.


Sign: Scorpio

What makes you feel alive? I love seeing and guiding my students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and discover something new in their movement and artistry. 

Best Workout Anthem: Call On Me by Eric Prydz 

What sport would you play if you were a professional athlete? Definitely swimming! 

Fav Bevie: Rose wine or a Prosecco 

Portia's Workshops

Hailing from Vancouver Portia's offerings are not consistently offered, so a big deal when she's in town!

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