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We are not accepting applications at this time.


Our Instructors are a friendly, professional, highly knowledgeable and extremely proud bunch! We hire the best of the best and require you to love people and adore movement if keen to join our team. The classes we offer are fitness forward, fusion style based on foundational movements but with a modern twist. We prefer personality over perfection and love to see thoughtful, creative lesson plans that cater to real humans. Expect to see a variety of individuals in class and be ready to party with them all!

If joining our tight knit team, expect great rewards and support. Regular feedback, opportunities for development and continued growth. We individualize your needs and ensure that you truly can support a healthy body and mind. The owner is an Instructor herself, so is extremely understanding, with a mission to help Instructors find balance in their career and be at the top of their game as an Instructor. Bonus pay structures reward you for supporting your classes and you'll receive complimentary access to all classes. Birthday perks, social get togethers, and the famed Anniversary Bash and Holiday Extravaganza are cherries on top!

*Hiring Instructors that have completed at least one kind of Group Instructor and/or Fitness course or certification. Some teaching experience must be had to apply as well, however experience can be volunteer and/or training instructing practice.

Application Steps

  1. Enjoy a class either in person or virtually and get a sense of our vibe and offerings. Try out the modality that you instruct to pinpoint the specific classes that you would envision yourself teaching at the studio. Ex. Yoga Flow or Yoga Restore? Barreless or Pilates Barre?

  2. Get your resume ready! Please include two references that we may contact.

  3. Fill out the below application form which includes uploading your resume and a short introduction about you and why you would be an awesome fit for Alive.

  4. If selected to move forward after reviewing your application, you will instruct a mock class for management and receive some feedback. There may be an opportunity to teach more than one mock class for your development.

  5. If selected to move forward after the mock class, you'll enjoy a team teaching scenario or substitution of a regular class on the schedule to warmly welcome you to the studio and guests and as another opportunity for development and reflection.

  6. You know the ropes and are ready for your own class on the schedule and/or joining our sub list!


No Current Positions Available

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Not Hiring

at this Time


Not Hiring

at this Time

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Don't forget 2 references we can reach out to!

Thanks for submitting!

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