*If you plan to attend in person classes as of November 22, 2020 you will need to sign our COVID-19 Agreement Contract.

This MUST be done before attending the studio.*


Alive Mindbody
COVID-19 Studio Policies

  • There is a Travel Ban enforced for everyone, this includes all guests, Instructors, Managers and Volunteers. Anyone travelling outside of the Victoria area (southern Vancouver Island) will require 14 days of quarantine before attending any in-person classes at Alive. Our acceptable range is 60 kms max or about an hour drive tops.



  • You cannot attend in-person classes if you have experienced unusual health symptoms OR COVID symptoms in the last 48 hours. This can include, but not limited to; fever, cough, sore throat, dizziness, skin rash/irritation, nausea, diarrhea, headache, unusual tiredness, sensory variances like taste and smell, sore muscles and difficulty breathing.

  • You cannot attend in-person classes if you have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, unless you have undergone a COVID-19 test yourself and received negative test results AND currently have NO COVID symptoms or sickness whatsoever AND have been approved by medical professionals to not quarantine. 

  • Please do not attend more than 3 in person classes per week. This is a temporary measure to ensure that in person guests can equally get into classes with such reduced capacity as well as decreasing our general volume of in-person managing.

  • Bubble Booking. All guests must register for the SAME 3 classes every week (or 1 or 2). This will minimize personal bubbles, prevent exposure and enhance contact tracing.

  • Masks must be worn by everyone at all times, including Instructors.

  • We will be revamping our in-person student placement in the flow studio to provide more distancing during classes and offering a single mat setup orientation. Don't worry this isn't a huge change and all spots will be clearly marked when you arrive!

  • In-person classes will NO LONGER be filmed. We will be using only replays of classes, including quite a few never released virtual classes from our massive library. This is a temporary solution to providing more sanity for the Instructor, better quality videos for guests, providing more cardio focused, higher intensity options via virtual and allowing us to use the entire studio without requiring space for the filming equipment and sight lines.

  • All In-person higher intensity classes will be adjusted to lower intensities. This may include changing the class style altogether or simply toning down current offerings and providing more active recovery, stretch and water breaks. *Virtual classes will be a great alternative if you want sweaty, higher cardio focused options.

  • Guests will have the option to open windows during class and temperatures will typically sit lower, including for Yoga. You may want to wear layers and warmer clothes for all classes. *The studio has a circulating air system that is permanently on and moving fresh air in.

  • We will be asking Instructors to turn music volume down just a smidge in classes. This will prevent the urge to yell, talk close, save Instructors voices and keep the intensities down just a little.  

  • Classes may be cancelled for COVID related issues. To prevent unnecessary pressure on strained staff, the necessity to cancel a class may occur. If a last minute cancellation does occur guests will be notified via text and email as soon as possible.

  • EVERYONE choosing to attend in-person classes must agree to all COVID-19 protocols by signing a Studio COVID-19 agreement contract BEFORE attending their next in-person class. 

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