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Food is truly the fuel to not only body but soul. Understanding how to properly nourish and feed your body will result in a happier, more energetic, perkier and honestly a more authentic you. At Alive we thrive on 'real people' food advice from 'real' experts, because we know everyone is unique and has different nutritional demands and goals. Nutrition needs to fit for you, in your lifestyle, with your family, towards your ambitions, and it's got to get you excited! We are here to help you fall in love with your kitchen again, delight in shopping for groceries and truly indulge in eating. At Alive our forte is functional and realistic programming, so we have no doubt that you'll see results in any of our offerings. All of our experts are Certified individuals who maintain not only exceptional credentials, but who also play a part in our community, are present at the studio and are positive role models. We've selected just the right team to ambassador nutrition without being too serious or stuffy, but rather authentic and sincere. 


Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle are critical determinants in how vibrant you feel and how gracefully you age. In fact, studies confirm that only about 30% of our “symptoms of old age” can be blamed on genes. As our very wise Nutritionist Tracey Cook says, "We may not have much control over a lot of things in this life, but the way we feel in body and mind day to day is largely in our own hands."

Services, Packages & Pricing

Scan through our suggested and pre-set offerings and see what speaks to you! We have considered the most common questions, issues, concerns and "Help me now," type client situations and systematically built progressive systems to optimize results. If you'd prefer to build your own package take a look at our 'A La Carte' offerings, and session packs to create your own! What you see here are just program suggestions and are definitely not exhaustive. We would love to chat and design something exclusive just for you.

Meet Your Nutritionist

Tracey Cook is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and most likely the best kale gardener in the city! Read a little more about the Nutrition wizard, you'll totally be inspired by her candid, straight up advice wrapped in a thoughtful Yoga gal package.

Alive Total Detox

This is a unique Nutrition and Yoga offering that is enjoyed as a group program. By combining our popular Yoga Detox class, personalized weekly nutrition emails, utilizing group support through a Facebook group and weekly 'tea time' meet-ups, this service is the king of Detox programs!

Are You Covered?

Nutrition services are covered by some extended health care benefit plans, and often through corporate wellness incentives or 'health spending plans'. Please check with your provider to see if you are able to claim Registered Holistic Nutrition services under your plan.


If you value the work that you have received and your plan does not cover a specific treatment, please let your provider know and submit a request!

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