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Virtual Classes

We offer a plethora of virtual classes to make your mental and physical health flexible, accessible and customizable to your exact needs.  You simply sign up for your classes of choice and 15 mins before class, you will receive an email with your specific class viewing link. Please ensure we have an updated email on file for you! All class links have a 72 hour access code. You can pause, re-watch, rewind and re-do classes as many times as you desire within this 72 hour period. Virtual classes have a 15 minute cancellation window. All class passes will be used if cancelled inside this time frame. Class booking closes 15 mins prior to commencement. 

Tips for Streaming

  • Make sure you have maximized your wifi connection (stream close to the router or an area with a strong signal, shut down other streaming devices, minimize the amount of people using wifi at that time, shut down apps or other tabs using data connection, etc.)

  • Check to make sure your computer speakers are turned on and that your sound isn't muted

  • We use the Vimeo platform for streaming and there is no setup required. You are welcome to make an account and create a profile, you can also login with your social media credentials. You can like Alive Mindbody and interact on the site as you desire!

  • If you have any troubles with the streaming skipping places or going offline, refresh your browser and turn down the resolution quality of the video, located on the bottom right corner of the video 

  • You can watch your class on any screen you please; Ipad, phone, computer, smart TV. There is a Vimeo app you can download on your smart devices if desired.

  • Equipment is minimal for classes, Instructors lead and suggest props only to what you might have at home. A Yoga or workout mat, an open space and (for Barre classes a chair, ledge, back of couch or countertop) are all you'll really need.

  • Once a LIVE class has finished it takes about 15-25 minutes to transcode the video for you to watch.

  • There is a chat option available to those LIVE streaming the class if using your browser (the chat function is not available on the Vimeo app on your phone, it IS available on Ipads, your computer and smart TV.

  • You can minimize and maximize your screen

  • You can pause, re-watch, rewind and re-do classes as many times as you desire within the access period

  • The  chat function will not be an option if you are not LIVE streaming the class. 

  • There is a comments box you can use to leave feedback, raves and cheers about the class. This comment box is always available. 

  • We can NOT see or hear you :) The virtual classes are always muted and do not have camera share options.

  • Our weekly virtual classes are pre-filmed to mitigate technical errors and ensure video quality

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