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Class & Purchase Policies


We highly encourage you to preregister for drop in classes as classes are known to fill up. If you find yourself on the waitlist please keep your eyes on your email as an auto email and/or text message will be sent when a spot opens up. *In your profile you must have checked yes to receive notifications & reminders to receive these waitlist notifications. Under your profile settings you can select to receive these notification by text, email or both. * Please follow the auto-text prompts or reply via email to confirm your spot in class.

During class check-in registered guests are let in first, followed by waitlisted guests who have shown up in anticipation, lastly walk-ins will be let in. If you are registered please show up 5 minutes before the start of class- otherwise your spot will be given to waitlisted and walk-in guests.

If you are using the Alive Mindbody App, there is also a setting to check in to class via this app. If you find yourself running late or right before you leave to come to the studio from work (within 100 meters and 60 mins or less beforehand) then you can check in on your phone rather than the traditional scan in card upon arrival so your spot will not be given away. To activate this you must have allowed notifications to your phone through this App.

Alive Mindbody is part of the social media community and shares videos and photos throughout. By attending class, you agree to provide Alive Mindbody sole rights to any videos, photos and image capture, and to release any ownership rights solely to Alive Mindbody. 

Guests are required be age 14+ to attend general drop-in classes at Alive Mindbody; where guests age 14 & 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Guests 16+ years old can attend general drop in classes.


Please feel free to cancel your class at anytime- up to 8 hours before commencement- by going online, using the app or giving us a call (if you don't reach us just leave a voicemail with your full name). Upon cancellation your class remains on your account for a future visit!

If you pre-register and do not attend class or fail to cancel 8 hours before class your payment will be used to cover your booked spot. For all members with an unlimited membership, your account will be charged $10. Accounts will be auto-reconciled for all late cancel/no show fees and accounts owing. Please ensure the credit card information on your account is up-to-date.

*We are also happy to respond to text messages received on our studio phone 778 678 4888, for things like waitlist confirmations, class cancellations and to book classes. If texting please indicate your first and last name in the message. The 8 hour cancellation window still applies*


To maximize waitlist effectiveness, better prepare for your arrival and give other guests maximal opportunity to respond to waitlist movement we have outlined best practices if you are choosing to pre-book for our General Drop In classes.

  • Book realistically.
    We find that participation actually increases with a little planning and adherence to your routine. Simply book only the classes you can realistically attend (vs. 'saving' ones you may be interested and deciding last minute).


  • Please refrain from booking back to back classes unless you intend to participate in both.
    Rather than waiting to see which one opens up - book the one you want, 99% chance you'll get in!


  • Don't be shy to put yourself on a waitlist.
    There is waitlist movement and chances are if you are 5th or closer in the waitlist, you'll get in to class!


  • Keep doing an awesome job of confirming your spot in class when you've made it off the waitlist.
    This is helpful for us to expect you, better prepare for your arrival, space in class and Instructor readiness. You can easily do this with our auto-text confirmation system. Ensure your account preferences are set to receive text messages!


  • When in doubt - don't pre-book. 
    Typically spots will open up the day-of in classes so if you change your mind last minute and do want to attend, come on down.


  • Please feel free to attend class as a walk-in.
    Even if class is fully pre-booked, you can try your luck and simply walk-in. 5 minutes before class walk-in guests will take precedent over registered folks.


  • Keep using the Alive Mindbody app to 'check in' to class.
    If you tend to run late for a class, instead of risking having your spot given up in class check in before hand so we know to expect your arrival and save you a spot.


  • Communicate when you cannot attend class, even outside the cancellation window.
    There may be some flexibility to waive $10 fees if an emergency arises and/or another participant takes your spot. We love texts, voicemails and emails to keep us in the loop, and we'll do our best to accommodate!


All service purchases are non-refundable, however studio credit can be provided up to 7 days after the purchase date on unused, non activated memberships and/or class passes. For refunds on enrolments, workshops or registered series emailed requests must be submitted 7 days prior to the start date in order to receive studio credit.  Only unused product and/or memberships can be credited to your account. This credit can be used toward any product, service or membership purchase at future dates.


For major health concerns that arise which prevent you from continuing your participation in drop-in or registered classes, professional medical documentation is required. In these situations pricing options will be put on hold or refunded for un-used portions minus a 15% total purchase admin fee. 


All products are final sale, no refunds or credit will be provided.


*Any requests for autopay terminations, enrollment & workshop cancellations, medical holds, suspensions and all similar requests must be communicated via email to


Membership purchases including class passes are activated your first class booking, not on the sale date. Unlimited memberships including the 10 Day Unlimited Intro Membership will automatically activate after 30 days if unused. Purchases do expire so please make note of your activation and expiry timeframe upon purchase.

All class passes must be used before studio closure April 21, 2023. 

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