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Alive Mindbody Virtual Retreat

May 09 & 10, 2020

With the times 'a changin this feels like a special opportunity to take advantage of real self care, by really being present at home and making something special of what we already have, it's all around us, and it's bountiful and beautiful. Tracey and Kristen have been excitedly sharing ideas and creating your virtual retreat, thinking about ways to clear space, escape life and really indulge in pleasure and sensuous mindbody nourishment.



We are thrilled to share the scope of the virtual retreat with you. The idea is that you will be fully prepared and guided through your weekend, Saturday May 9 and Sunday May 10, with thoughtful, lovely and sensitively curated classes, activities and recipes.


The Virtual Alive Retreat will include:
-A gift bag, love letter and self care swag
-Guidance in clearing space and preparing for your weekend including a grocery shopping list
-6 mindbody/movement classes
-3 quest activities
-2 day meal plan catered to your budget, dietary needs & desires
-Some laughs and giggles with Tracey & Kristen
-Facilitated virtual group chat for sharing and connecting


$199 +tax


Thanks for your continued support and evolution with us. We have much to be thankful and can't wait to enjoy our retreat weekend together!


We have decided to offer this virtual retreat on a sliding scale, from $129-$199, so if the price is causing distress, email us back and we'd be happy to offer you an appropriate price for your situation. If you wish to pay sliding scale, please call 778-678-488. 


Tracey-Wild Woman, Green Goddess
Kristen- Giggles of Fun and Flow


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