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Sassy Classes

Tap in to your inner sass and feel bold, empowered and fit in our array of sensually sweet class options. Our Sassy Classes are designed for all levels, shapes, abilities, and desires, with one goal in common- to have fun! These classes will tune into your more sensual nature by using seductive music, learning step by step techniques from exceptional Instructors and being a part of a bold babe community. Spicy routines will be broken down into manageable pieces so you'll feel comfortable, engaged and successful throughout the entire class of any of our Sassy options. There will also be plenty of playtime to practice your moves and roll around with your cheeky counterparts! 


Every class delivers a great physical workout, a supportive and open atmosphere, an all levels approach and plenty of room for expression, uniqueness and individuality.


Benefits of Sassy Classes:

  • Increased energy & improved fitness

  • An unbelievable confidence and self esteem boost

  • Increases flexibility- especially in hips, spine and hamstrings

  • Improves musicality and fluidity in movements

  • Learn tips and tricks for posture, lift and length

  • Make new friends in a supportive environment 

  • Spread some sass in to your everyday life

  • Builds physical strength -especially in shoulders, core and legs

  • An environment for emotional release and expression

  • Fosters mental connection and positivity towards your body

  • Cultivates a positive body image

All classes offered are barefoot unless they specifically indicate it's a heels class. In heels classes the style and height of heel will be suggested and all footwear must be dance specific and indoor use only.

We recommend wearing clothes you can easily move in, are comfortable, and make you feel confident! Something sassy and flashy is encouraged, however stay away from clothing with embellishments like buckles and zippers as you'll likely spend some time moving on the floor. High socks and/or knee pads will also come in handy as most classes will include some floorwork done on your knees. Knee pads are for sale at the studio.


Bring your mat, or rent one for $7, and a water bottle to class. 

Upcoming Specialty Classes

No refunds are provided for specialty classes. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. 

Upcoming Series

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