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Sassy Classes

Tap in to your inner sass and feel bold, empowered and fit in our array of sensually sweet class options. Our Sassy Classes are designed for all levels, shapes, abilities, and desires, with one goal in common- to have fun! These classes will tune into your more sensual nature by using seductive music, learning step by step techniques from exceptional Instructors and being a part of a bold babe community. Spicy routines will be broken down into manageable pieces so you'll feel comfortable, engaged and successful throughout the entire class of any of our Sassy options. There will also be plenty of playtime to practice your moves and roll around with your cheeky counterparts! 


Every class delivers a great physical workout, a supportive and open atmosphere, an all levels approach and plenty of room for expression, uniqueness and individuality.

Benefits of Sassy Classes:

  • Increased energy & improved fitness

  • An unbelievable confidence and self esteem boost

  • Increases flexibility- especially in hips, spine and hamstrings

  • Improves musicality and fluidity in movements

  • Learn tips and tricks for posture, lift and length

  • Make new friends in a supportive environment 

  • Spread some sass in to your everyday life

  • Builds physical strength -especially in shoulders, core and legs

  • An environment for emotional release and expression

  • Fosters mental connection and positivity towards your body

  • Cultivates a positive body image

Femme Brigade

Join the Femme Brigade for 4 weeks of damn sexy dancing. With an all female troupe, the girls will band together to learn a basic but stunningly sexy choreographed dance. The dance piece will include burlesque inspired movements with flirty and spicy elements. Each class will focus on stretching and strengthening the right bits to then learn and master movements integrated into a short routine.

No experience is necessary. This class is for girls who want to dance and have fun- everyone is a Diva! Your super supportive Instructor will guide you through each session, progressively building on the movements to master the choreography in a relaxed and no-pressure atmosphere. At the end you will have a dance to either do with your curtains closed in your living room, for your partner or to bust out on the dance floor- you choose!


This class is done in barefeet, and you'll want to wear something that is comfortable to dance in, and that makes you feel good!

On week 5 the Friday session will be a sexy photoshoot. There will be extra hands on deck to assist with hair and makeup beforehand.


THE Boudoir photographer, Misty Moss from Moss Photography will be on site to capture the moments as the Femme Brigade performs their final choreographed dance. Solo shots will also be taken and each girl will receive one sexy boudoir style photo and one group shot electronically. This is ALL included in the price of enrollment. More photo options will be emailed and available for purchase through Misty at additional costs.


This party is a closed party and is not a public performance- it will only be for those registered in the Femme Brigade as well as the photoshoot team members. All girls will be responsible for their own outfits, primping and accessories that they desire for this photoshoot.


1.25 hrs/week for 5 weeks

Investment $129

Exotic Dance

Strap on your highest heels and prepare to be empowered by your feminine sensuality! Exotic Dance is slow and sexy and always performed in heels! This style of dance is inspired by exotic pole dance, but the seductive, sassy moves will be integrated into a routine without using poles. This makes the style versatile as it can be performed almost anywhere.

This series is appropriate for all fitness levels and experiences. The slow progression and instructional savvy will have you easily following the movements and looking smokin' from day one.

For students who have taken the course before, additional movements and options will be provided to enhance and build on your current dance repertoire.

Wear clothes that you can easily move in but that make you feel fearless. High heels must be clean and appropriate for indoors. NO streetwear heels, only designated indoor, dance shoes. Please do not wear stiletto spikes as to not damage the floors and a height you feel comfortable moving in. We also recommend wearing knee pads, thigh-high stockings or leggings for knee protection.

Professional dance shoes are not mandatory but if you are looking to invest, we recommend Pleasers. You can check them out at

If you are choosing not to wear heels please bring along a pair of indoor shoes, sneakers are great, so that you can have some safety for your tootsies with the other heels in the room.

1 hour/week, 4 weeks

Investment $66

Sassy Workshops

These 'one of' sessions are designed to be a ridiculous amount of fun learning a particular sassy forte. These workshops have a particular theme and are guaranteed to provide you with swagger, sass and a smile. Supplement your dance repertoire, grab the gals for a ladies night, learn a new dance technique, genre or skill or just come have fun trying something new. Some offerings have included; Ballet Slay, Army of Sass, Dance like RiRi, Chair Dance, Tease and many more. Please check the registered sassy sessions, workshops are included in this list and clearly marked as a Workshop indicating the total time commitment right under the workshop name.

Workshop classes are often presented by the talented Portia Favro. This fine dancer often travels to teach workshops so don't miss an opportunity to participate!

We also offer Party classes and exclusive group bookings. Our Sassy Classes are unique and fun group giggling activities. Private bookings are awesome for bachelorettes, birthday parties, small group instruction, staff building, and so much more! Email us for availability and rates.

Book a


No refunds are provided for registered programming. We will happily credit your registration fee on to your account if you need to cancel and ask for 7 days prior notice to enrollment commencement via email.

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