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You Call That Yoga?

In a world starved of spiritual connections and addictions to beautiful bodies it’s no wonder Yoga has boomed- and not just in the traditional sense. Due to it’s glorious combination of physicality wrapped up in a package of divinity, Yoga seems to be everyone’s calling. A rise of fusion yoga experiences has taken over our televisions, magazines, youtube posts, and living rooms. Jillian Micheals calls her hand weight, cardio/stretch workout, 'Yoga Inferno' and studios are filled with Plyoga, Piloxing, Yolates, Hip Hop Yoga, Acro Yoga, Naked Yoga and Spinga, and a once coveted Sanskrit language is humourized through You Tube sensations like, 'Sh*t Yogis Say.' Yoga studios today are like walking into a Katy Perry music video, colorful designer Yoga threads, glam studios and guest lists. Is this Yoga? As a Yoga Teacher I have found myself on an interesting journey over the last 9 years grappling with Yoga boundaries and wondering, “Am I still within them?” Boisterous, creative role models like Eoin Finn, Sean Corne and MC Yogi have encouraged a no holds bar approach to teaching and a somewhat renegade approach that excites me to ‘break all the rules.’

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