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Pounds then Rebounds. Summer 6-pack secrets.

Summer teases us with warm weather treats and casual beers that become a little more frequent than casual. Surprisingly summer is actually a time when most people put on weight- not winter or Christmas like we think. With our exercise schedules out of wack and a let loose attitude we find ourselves cheating on our healthy regimes with the 'no worries mon' sunshine. Let me present 5 tips that can help you manage your last few weeks of summer eating and treating and feet upping. Often a huge factor to weight retention is stress on the body and not just the typical anxiety type stress. Any stress on the body, in other words anything that is foreign to the body or that keeps our body in a heightened or stimulated state causes our body to inflame or hold onto what it has AKA- body fat, as a response to too much invasion. Add this to an array of summer treats like cake, ice cream, french fries, and hot dogs and you can see how the weight can creep up like your favourite tv series, before you know it you've watched the whole season and are left feeling a little embarrassed.

1. Whole Foods vs Packaged Foods Choose foods that are in their most natural state for the best digestion and quality of nutrients to aid in metabolism. Try to pick non-fried, non processed, from scratch options.

2. Less Stress Eat that cake and don't beat yourself up- stress is worse than eating it! Stress can be managed by getting enough sleep, having social satisfaction, relaxation and meditation and proper diet.

3. Drink More Water Than You Think Water greatly aids in cell function, metabolism, energy and an overall hydrated, supple feeling to muscles, skin and tissues.

4. Eat Vegetables Like Your Life Depends On It because it does Fill up your plate with roast veggies, salads, veggie sticks and dip, and vegetarian options. Your plate should always have predominantly veg on it. Once you've filled up on roughage and greens then dip back in for round two and see what you are truly left craving. Veggies give us vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients we cannot get anywhere else.

5. Outdoor Stuff Getting outside serves the purpose of both activity and relaxation. It can also be a satisfying social outing. Win win!

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