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If You Could Fly, Would You Take the Stairs? A tale of the grass is always greener.

In a world obsessed with perfection and an addiction to always improving, has our need to become better and better removed us from our true self? We spend billions of dollars every year on fitness gizmos, self help books, beauty products and quick fix weight loss. Businesses spend billions on programs designed to foster enhancement through feedback; constantly training to improve employee shortfalls with a tough love attitude. There will always be a want to improve and that desire is sustainable. What is not sustainable is our desire to want want we can't have. A realistic nudge and a focus on our natural skills and innate talents can serve us better to become a crafted, satisfied individual rather than a disheartened soul striving for faultlessness. When a person distinguishes their area of expertise and carves their niche in their craft, they can become exceptional at what they do. What a feeling to succeed and leave our shortcomings behind! A focus on our poor talents leaves us in mediocrity; a focus on our strengths brings us to exceptionality. Be a master, feel satisfied, feel accomplished and ditch your deficiencies as they are someone else's efficiencies.

The next time you look over in Yoga class and wish you could spring into handstand smile in appreciation and know that you have a better forward fold. Would you really want that persons life if you had it? I bet you would still have the same stressors if you had a million dollars. Try standing in appreciation of where you are and cultivating the life, looks and body you have- not the idea of one in your head- your actual one, and see how appeased you become. Let that resolution ripple into your daily choices and activities. It's in our nature to peek over the fence at the greener grass, it's okay to look, but looks aren't everything because when you look a little closer you realize that grass 'aint so green.

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