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Spotlights are a chance for us to roast and boast some of our favourite people. We are continually inspired by the hundreds of guests we see daily, and the passion and spright in our staff, volunteers and Instructors. We have a pretty amazing community and we adore spreading the good word on what makes people smile, sweat, curse and giggle. Read below to feel incredibly inspired by extraordinary, everyday people. You'll sink in to their wisdom, embrace the good vibes and feel compelled by the inspirational legacies our peeps are throwing down. Everyone has a story. We love sharing the stories of that person right next to you in class.



Fitness Instructor

This special Instructor Spotlight highlights one of our OG's. A little mysterious, this clever gal likes to keep you guessing and although you might not be privy to her personal life she's an open book in terms of helping you with yours. We've dug a little deeper and cracked a little into the nitty gritty that makes this talented superwoman tick. Old soul wisdom mixed with glam rockstar makes a cunning combination for our beloved take no sh*@t leader.

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Alive Member

Known as the 'early bird' always 30 minutes before class, Hyesoon secures her perch in 'her spot' and tenderly chats, connects and checks in with everyone. Her relaxed disposition and clever memory, ensures that everyone around will get VIP treatment.

Hyesoon provides a reminder to us all to slow down, stop racing and to truly enjoy the moment. When we find ourselves running late again, or annoyed by someone stopping to mingle, take a page from Hyesoon's book and discover the pure pleasure in being early, present and keen to connect.

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